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Join ASF in restoring the Sephardi tradition to its pride of place in Jewish history and the Jewish conversation in America today. 

Together, we can ensure that this and future generations have tangible connections to and knowledge of the Sephardi past, without which there is no Jewish future.

Monetary Contributions

Donate now and your tax-deductible contribution will help ASF preserve and promote the Greater Sephardi history, traditions, and culture as an integral part of the Jewish experience!

You can make an online donation, contact us by email or phone (917) 606-8266 (to discuss giving opportunities in honor or memory of loved ones), or send a check to:

The American Sephardi Federation
15 W 16th Street
New York, NY, 10011


Material Contributions

Join ASF’s nation-wide campaign to collect Sephardi archival documents and artifacts, photographs and footage, memories and memorabilia. You, your family, friends, and community can help us save and share Sephardi history!


Time Contributions

Do you have language skills (Ladino, French, Arabic, Persian, Hebrew)? Can you write? Are you an social media maven? Enjoy organizing books or data? We are looking for people who are talented and passionate about Sephardi history to help in a variety of ways.


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Please contact us by email or phone (917) 606-8266 to discuss the various ways you can contribute!


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