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in Edwin Seroussi’s wonderful translatio

“Songs of Seeking”

Monday, February 22 at 8:00 am — At The Center for Jewish History

The American Sephardi Federation is pleased to announce a new class exploring the Baqashot (‘Songs of Seeking’ in Edwin Seroussi’s wonderful translation), a musical tradition whose roots are in Andalusian Spain. R’ Amar, a student of R’ David Buzaglo, considered the greatest Hebrew liturgical poet of the 20th century, will guide students through the theory and practice of the Baqashot.

1. Their purpose, when and how they are used in the liturgy–how they are attached to weekly parshiyot (Shabbat Torah readings)
2. The musical maqamim (Arabic melodic modes) used in the singing of the Baqashot
3. The great composers of this traditional art form
Students will be instructed in the chanting of each of the Baqashot according to the weekly parshiyot and maqam.