Make your ancestors happy

First Sephardic Young Professionals Happy Hour

Chazak u’Baruch to ASF Young Leadership Board President Lauren Gibliand her Board members for organizing the first Sephardic Young Professionals Happy Hour.

Over 100 young professionals came to the Cupping Room Cafe to “Make [their] ancestors proud!” ASF’s YLB is the only organization in the city that can bring together young people from every #GreaterSephardi community. Egyptians, Syrians, Greeks, Yemenis, Persians, as well as others signed-up their families for oral history interviews and expressed interest in donating documentation to the ASF archive.

This is the first of many great events to come, including Love, Sephardi Style, the Young Professionals Night – NY Sephardic Jewish Film Festivalon 4 April.