20th NY Sephardic Jewish Film Festival

Pomegranate Awards Honorees

Oded Halahmy with Pomegranate Awards

Distinguished ASF Board Member and world-renowned Artist Oded Halahmy (Pomegranate Gallery/Oded Halahmy Foundation for the Arts, Inc.) is seen here with the American Sephardi Federation’s Pomegranate Awards, which Oded designed and creates for the New York Sephardic Jewish Film Festival.

This year’s honorees were: Mr. André Azoulay, Counselor to His Majesty the King, Mohammed VI, King of Morocco, who was awarded the Pomegranate Award for Lifetime Achievement, and Letters from Baghdad filmmakers Zeva Oelbaum and Sabine Krayenbühl, who were each honored with the Pomegranate Award for Directors.
In memory of past Pomegranate Awardee, Israeli-Moroccan filmmaker and actress Ronit Elkabetz, ASF inaugurated the Pomegranate Award for a Rising Star with Davina Pardo, the Emmy Award-winning director and producer of Very Semi-Serious, who hails from an Egyptian Sephardi family.
The honorees also received “ASF is Love” Pomegranate Scarfs, which were also designed and created by the multi-talented Oded.
The ASF Pomegranate Awards were presented at Opening Night of the 20th NY Sephardic Jewish Film Festival on 30 March 2017. To learn more about Opening Night (and to see photos and video) visit: https://www.facebook.com/notes/american-sephardi-federation/sold-out-opening-night-of-the-20th-ny-sephardic-jewish-film-festival/804068786412615/