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Sephardi Ideas Monthly is a continuing series of essays from the rich, multi-dimensional world of Sephardi thought.

Sephardi Ideas Monthly is a newsletter emailed to our web subscribers on the second Monday of every month featuring a significant scholarly, literary, or philosophical work. Each SIM includes an introduction explaining the article’s import for the intelligent reader. Past SIM‘s have been on Classic Sephardi Judaism, Piyyut (Sephardi liturgical and (soul) music), Sephardi poets and writers, Sephardi communities (ranging from Sudan to Cuba), and Sephardi contributions to civilization.


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08 January
A Dream Deferred: The Andalusian-Italian Sephardi Tradition in America


11 December
Continuity, not Rupture: Sabato Morais’s Sephardi Rabbinic Humanism in Victorian America

13 November
Daniel J. Elazar’s Covenant and the American Founding

09 October
Daniel J. Elazar’s Covenant and Constitutionalism

19 September
Daniel J. Elazar’s Covenantal Politics

21 August
The Cuban Jewish Story of Survival

10 July
La Amérika’s America

12 June
Judeo-Spanish Jews in America

09 May
The Sephardi Atlantic: Three Crypto-Jews in the New World

10 April
The Statue of Liberty’s American Sephardi Poet

13 March
From the ‘Jerusalem of the Balkans’ to the Goldene Medina

13 February
Latin American Sephardi Writers

09 January
The Hidden History of Jewish Life in Latin America



12 December
A Living Genizah: The Beta Israel’s Journey from Sinai to Ethiopia to Israel

10 October
Revitalizing the Roots: Borochov Drops Boomerang

19 September
The Living Legend of Andalusian Music

08 August
Re-Imagining Jewish-Moroccan Music and Identity: Pluralism, Women’s Voices, and Piyyut

18 July
The Legacy of Jo Amar: Moroccan Paytan and Israeli Pop Star

16 June
Khartoum’s Jewish Community: A Proper Burial

09 May
In Search of Matrouz: Andalusian Piyyut Through the Eyes of a Non-Jewish Moroccan

11 April
‘Berber’ Beginnings to Moroccan Piyyut

14 March
The Many Paths to Piyyut

08 February
Revitalizing the Roots: An interview with Itamar Borochov

11 January
No Greater Love



14 December
Piyyut, Convivencia, and the Contested Visions of al-Andalus

9 November
The Power of Piyyut: An Interview with Yair Harel

12 October
Yehuda Halevi: My Heart is in the East

16 September
Solomon Ibn Gabirol: An Andalusian Alphabet

11 August
The Lost Andalusian Jewish Culture

13 July
A Nation’s Soul Is In Its Music

8 June
Jazz, Piyyut, and Jewish Identity

11 May
Piyyut is Jewish Soul Music

13 April
Rabbi Yosef Qafih’s Address on Yemeni Zionism

10 March
An original translation of Rav Ouziel’s “Spiritual Will to the Jewish People”

9 February
An original essay by Rabbi Daniel Bouskila

12 January 2015
Dr. Zvi Zohar’s “What All Jews Can Learn From Great Sephardic Rabbis of Recent Centuries”



8 December
Rabbi Angel’s “Models of Sephardi Rabbinic Leadership”

11 November
Daniel J. Elazar’s “Can Sephardic Judaism be Reconstructed?”